Dadan Sumardani is an Educator and Researcher who specialize in science and physics. He has enthusiasm to promote science activities in an authentic learning. 

His initial invention of education issues started with a year teaching internship in a Public High School and more than three years of experience as a cram school teacher in Jakarta. His views about education changed since He encounter a problems in science education; thus, He stopped having cram school teaching since then and started to join research assistants to understand education problems deeply. His transformation was triggered by some discussion regarding Formal School and Cram School Issues in Asia. The dilemmatic problem of cram school gives him some ambition to become a Professor in Science Education and have a dream to transform formal education into a good place to develop student capabilities and promote authentic learning.

Dadan likes traveling, photography, and writing. Every beautiful moment will not be repeated, so writing is the best way to enjoy it. Dadan off-work activities include meditation, badminton, tennis, photography, and reading. 

Dadan has a dream to make a broad journey as a research activist to capture broad experience from 10 countries before the age of 30.

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